To protect the countries border is like protecting the country’s soul. For every citizen to sleep peacefully at night, border surveillance is the goal to achieve. It is border surveillance which upholds the national defense and security. Country border requires a regular 24/7 monitoring, but constant monitoring becomes cumbersome. In present day scenario where terrorist activities in country border specifically across Indo-China border and illegal movement of both living as well as non-living beings has become quite common, hence the need for constant monitoring is on the rise. Our esteemed border security forces are doing it diligently but considering the area and type of intrusion the requirement of manpower and assets are also at rise as country borders and terrains can be stretched across hundreds of miles and have extreme terrain as well as climatic conditions as well. All this is giving rise to the need of an automated border surveillance system which will be able to perform the task without requiring any human assistance..

The areas where our Perimeter Intrusion Detection System stands out are –

1. Real Time Monitoring

The Fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection system (FOPIDS) gives a quick response whenever an intrusion event occurs, as the monitoring with our system is Real Time monitoring. With the Quick Response as provided by FOPIDS, teams at the border can act on the detected event with a good response time.

2. Tight Integration with Command Control Systems:

FOPIDS can be easily integrated with third party command control systems, by connecting to TCP/IP or Ethernet port provided in the device. Through which it can be interfaced with CCTV, Hooters, etc., and can perform as Integrated Security System.

3. High Probability of Detection & Low False Alarm Rate:

Border security being a critical area, even the tiniest disturbance has to be detected, but at the same time the false alarms should be diminished.

We do provide competent installation For Underground as well as over ground Scenarios.

In case of underground deployment of perimeter intrusion detection system in country borders areas where we effectively adapt are –

A. Detection Capability in various Terrains:

– The border areas where our sensor will be deployed have different kinds of terrains such as tight soil, loose soil, sand, gravel, rocky, etc. FOPIDS is capable of detecting intrusions at any terrains, as we can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor accordingly.

B. Invisibile Sensor

– When deployed underground along the perimeter, the sensor will be completely invisible, and the landscape will be unchanged. This prevents intruders from bypassing the detection area and also from tampering the sensor.

The areas of expertise as provided by our perimeter intrusion detection system gives us enough leverage to go beyond the need of human deployment in country borders during extreme conditions at all times. The system in its own has the capabilities to send alert messages to the central control room from where human controllers can take charge.  We do provide the flexibility of creating the central control room at a distance from the border area. Once the intrusion signal is sent, it is upon the human controllers to take it from there. With FOPIDS this entire activity can be done in a few seconds span. The system once deployed successfully can substantially reduce the risk on human life. Although complete automation of border security is not completely achievable from a practical stand point the system of FOPIDS can work in seamless collaboration with the defense forces and thus can play an integral role in securing country’s borders.

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