Distributed Acoustic Sensing with High Fidelity (DAS-H)

Introducing Chirped Pulse High Fidelity Sensing Technology, a next generation DAS Solution. The solution which gives Instantaneous Vibration, Temperature and Strain Sensing, for upto 70km reach with one Single Interrogator.

Key Features

  1. High Sensitivity 1 nε
  2. 10 meter – Spatial Resolution
  3. 200-4000Hz Pulse rate
  4. Linear and Quantitative measurement
  5. High SNR

The solution will be 24/365 Ready, Safe, Robust, Accurate, having Scalable Storage, and easily Integrable with SCADA and other third party devices


Covering wide range of applications such as

  1. Third-party intrusion detection
  2. Power cable monitoring
  3. Traffic monitoring (roads, railway, subway…)
  4. Seismic activity monitoring
  5. Subsea cable monitoring
  6. Asset integrity
  7. Oil, gas & water pipelines