In the past several years we have seen an increasing demand for security in both the public and private sectors. Recent technological advances are bridging the gap into a more secure world and fiber optic sensing may help lead the way. Fiber-optic connectivity can lend a great advantage to companies of all sizes. With the maturation of the telecommunications industry, fiber optic technologies have seen a boom in funding and research over the past decade.

As a business telecommunications company in India for over two decades, we understand what business owners need from their Perimeter security providers. They need to make sure their assets stay protected and secure. And if there is an issue, they need a system which will respond and react quickly to environmental threats.

We built our peerless, dedicated, and robust system to make sure you get a secure system built with ease of access which really cares about resolving your security issues.

Extremely low optical loss:

Extremely low optical loss and unprecedented bandwidth are prime reasons for the recent successes in photonics. The fibers and components developed for today’s communication needs have greatly improved in performance and cost, and have become attractive candidates for sensor use. With advances in optical devices such as light sources and amplifiers, a buried fiber optic sensing device can be a viable candidate for a variety of perimeter-monitoring applications

Enhanced Security

Recent world events have proved the need for enhanced security for both the country’s citizens and its physical assets. The intrusion sensor mentioned here could see nearly limitless applications ranging from personal home security to the monitoring and subsequent protection of national borders. Modern day efforts for border security are often limited to manned checkpoints and surveillance patrols, which are hardly effective methods for thousands of miles of terrain. For example, India shares its borders with six different countries; Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh & Myanmar of total around 15,200 km. These six international borders are guarded by different paramilitary forces. Around 1346 companies deployed all over the borders. As in this case, there is often simply too much distance to cover with human force and current detection efforts.

Real-Time Intrusion Alert

The SafeFENCE FOPIDS solution is customized to accommodate an individual customer’s requirements and special needs on the most cost-effective manner the SafeMAX solution is designed to achieve installation for the longer perimeter market. Fast and immediate alarm response, hardware and software alarm trigger gives an immediate response without any delay. The timely response due to real-time alert, gives massive security on the aspects of various intrusion detection system.Besides border protection, this intrusion sensor could be utilized for monitoring military outposts, national landmarks, prisons, nuclear facilities and countless other sensitive areas. This intrusion sensor would provide a continuous monitoring fiber optic sensing solution that could be deployed at a fraction of the cost of current methods. Fiber Optic Sensor technology developed in-house by Fiber Optic sensing solution can be used of variety of perimeter security application.

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