Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions Pvt. Ltd ( FOSS ) is Original Equipment Manufacturer ( OEM ) of Distributed Acoustic System ( DAS ) based Perimeter Intrusion Detection System ( PIDS ). DAS technology makes use of fiber optic cable which acts as primary sensor to detect and display intrusions.

With extensive research and deep knowledge on optics, together with a highly efficient and motivated team, FOSS is strongly positioned to address and solve all possible threats and intrusions of our valuable clients.

Our products find use in following sub verticals

FOPIDS at Airport
FOPIDS AT Cross Country Border
Cross Country Border
FOPIDS at Agricultural Land
Agricultural Land
FOPIDS at Forest Reserves
Forest Reserves
FOPIDS at Nuclear Power Plants
Nuclear Power Plants

FO-PIDS is designed and developed using the cutting edge sensing technology which utilizes optical fiber cable (OFC) as the major field sensing component. The use of optical fiber makes FO-PIDS distributed and passive in nature which is a significant advantage in the security and surveillance sector.

Our expert System Integrators design and implement solutions based on FOSS PIDS on SITC basis. We provide them in-depth training and certification to be able to serve our clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions .

There are unique advantages that our clients enjoy by associating with FOSS. Some of them are :

Solution Advantages

Zone based intrusion Detection

Even if one zone becomes defective, rest of the zones continue to function and report intrusion without any problems

Hardwired Zones

Each Zone is hard wired so it is impossible to hack and defeat the system

Scalable Solution

More zone/fence can be added later so customer pays only for what is being used currently

Cost Efficient

Overall solution is very cost effective. Per km cost is very low as compared to foreign competitors.

Operational advantages

Indigenous solution

Design and technology owned by Indian company. No dependency on foreign supplier for after-sales support

Patent owned by Indian company

FOSS owns the patent on the solutions design.

Local manufacturing

Equipment manufactured in India so valuable FOREX is saved

In-house Software

User Inteface software is developed and designed locally in India so it is secure against any external cyper threat.