Timely intercept of an intruder requires the examination of perimeter barriers and sensors in terms of reliable detection, immediate assessment and prompt response provisions. The Perimeter intrusion detection systems equipment and operations must meet the requirements at the same time.

The baseline system is defined by a robust approach to implementing perimeter security elements in barriers, lighting, intrusion detection and alarm assessment. The baseline approach emphasizes on cost effectiveness achieved with layered installation, and logical processing of fiber optic signals to produce reliable detection. A cost benefit of layered installation along with accurate assessment is reduction in operating expense.

However the grounds for Perimeter Intrusion Detection in case of a Nuclear Power Plant can be underlined as –

1.Requirement of Higher Security Level in perimeter security:–

From the time when a nuclear reactor was connected to an electric grid, nearly 500 nuclear power plants started to grow across the globe. Nuclear Power Plants being critical and sensitive establishments for a country, after 9/11 the security requirements across various nuclear power plants have drastically changed. The industry needs to stay steps ahead from potential attackers.

Nuclear power plants are by default very robust structures that, by design and construction, are very difficult to penetrate. The combination of robust structures, well-armed professional security force, and multiple layers of backup safety systems including both physical and electronic security measures provide layer upon layer of safety and security. Plants also adhere to “concentric circles of escalating security” whereby the perimeter area is divided into different zones, for ease of protection.

This is where our Fiber Optic Perimeter intrusion Detection system helps at large in implementing perimeter alertness and a 24X7 fail proof monitoring. With our passive sensors it requires no outdoor processors and electrical power to the outdoor components.

2. Situational Awareness:–

Besides good counterintelligence, the key element of winning against a surprise assault is therefore time. Time to understand exactly what is happening, time to determine the level of response, time to shut down, and time to neutralize at perhaps multiple locations before damage and potential catastrophe, occurs. Mission-critical command and control systems used in military environments around the world can handle multiple intelligent sensors such as radars, thermal sensors, advanced weapon systems, and critical data in order to provide operators with the decision-making data they need and that is where FOPIDS plays the most crucial part. It helps in understanding and communicating the zone where intrusion has occurred and with seamless integration delivering the output to command and control center in real time.

3. Intelligent Wide Area perimeter Detection :

From 2010 onwards, the vital issues to critical infrastructure protection in the commercial market are—

  • To provide an operator environment that is simple and intuitive through automation, data fusion, and minimization of secondary information. Presenting highly accurate and prioritized data in a simple way to the operator.
  • To deliver this information at a speed never seen before in the commercial market whilst enabling the operator to maintain control over his area of responsibility despite multiple events taking place. Early warning through intelligent sensors and direct relevant playback of an incident within split seconds rather than seconds to allow for a complete and fast understanding of events.
  •  To introduce system stability and robustness, not least through a redundant infrastructure that is required when protecting assets of national importance.

4. Passive nature of Fiber Optic Sensor for Perimeter Security:–

Nuclear Power Plant comes under the category of Critical Environments, where if there is electrical system failure, short circuit, lightning surge, etc. within proximity of a critical asset which can burst even due to a small spark, then it can cause a dangerous situation in the plant as well as can affect the nearby area in a greater extent.

For this case, FOPIDS is a well secured solution, as it requires no power supply on the field due to Passive nature of Optical Fiber Sensor. Hence our Perimeter Intrusion Detection system can’t cause any such trouble even when installed in proximity of a critical asset.

To combine all this points together, our FOPIDS i.e. Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System acts as an intelligent wide area perimeter detection solution that in the fastest and most precise way can help detect, identify, and track both internal and external perimeter threats in areas where business continuation is a matter of national importance.

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