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Our products find use in following sub verticals

Home Land Security ( Cross country borders ), Prisons, Airports/ refineries/ SEZs/ Master warehouses perimeters, Cross country oil and gas pipelines, Raw material conveyor belts in Coal/cement/steel plants to monitor the health, Power plants/ remote substations, solar parks, remote BTS towers etc, Manufacturing facilities/ industrial parks, Museum ,bank etc. and other critical infrastructure e.g historical monuments, Religious monuments e.g. Temples, churches, mosques etc, Forest /Agricultural lands / reserve forest area/ area vulnerable to poaching, Nuclear power plants/ other sensitive industrial installations, Research facilities and laboratories, Farm Houses and bungalows etc..

FOPIDS at Airport
FOPIDS AT Cross Country Border
Cross Country Border
FOPIDS at Agricultural Land
Agricultural Land
FOPIDS at Forest Reserves
Forest Reserves
FOPIDS at Nuclear Power Plants
Nuclear Power Plants

Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (FO-PIDS)

safeFENCE & safeMAX

Perimeter Security plays a crucial role in establishments that hold valuable assets and have critical importance. With Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) solutions, such high-level security-related issues can be easily solved. They involve both structural components such as fences, barbed wires, walls, etc. and technical components such as cameras, electric fences, optical fiber sensors, IR sensors, thermal imaging, radar, etc.

For temperature sensing, Pressure sensing etc

Fiber Bragg Grating Based Sensors

FBGS Technologies GmbH. FBGS is a Germany / Belgium based developer and manufacturer of high strength Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs), Interrogators, Sensors and custom-made fiber optic sensing solutions.The unique and fully automated processes of FBGS gives high quality and cost-effective sensing components with unique optical and mechanical characteristics.

A Next-Generation Distributed Acoustic Sensing Solution

Distributed Acoustic Sensing with High Fidelity (DAS-H)

A next generation DAS Solution with Chirped Pulse High Fidelity Sensing Technology, giving instantaneous Vibration, Temperature and Strain Sensing

What's New

Why is FBG Sensors best for Temperature Measurement?

Fiber Optic Sensing technology-based sensors are most prominent sensors now a day due to their various advantages. It has been 30 years now since the study of fiber optic sensors started and a huge variety of fiber optic sensors are developed and available in the market for several application sectors.  A prominent fiber optic sensor are sensors based on Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) which in turn is based on bragg’s back reflection technique. The Bragg wavelength is very sensitive to variation in physical parameters surrounding the grating like Temperature, Strain, Pressure and many more, this property is used in several sensing applications in different industrial sectors where Non-invasive and passive sensing is a critical requirement.In recent years, FBG based sensors become the most attractive…

How to stop theft activities at windmill sites?

Windmills are a very promising source of renewable energy operational at many locations. They are contributing to the generation of electricity with the help of wind energy. Windmills are installed in locations where the flow of wind is more so that a high amount of energy can be utilized in generating power using the natural…

Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a subsidiary of TVS Sensing Solutions Private Limited.

Who we are

Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions Pvt Ltd (FOSS) is a one-stop shop for all your fiber optic sensing needs. Flagship products of FOSS- SafeFENCE, safeMAX, and DAS-H are designed and developed in India for all your perimeter security applications as well as assets management and monitoring. FOSS also provides products for other sensing applications like Temperature, Strain, pressure, Shape through its partners, for various industry segments like infrastructure, automotive, medical, Oil& Gas, Transportation, Aerospace, etc.