Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS) is intended to ensure resources inside a border by distinguishing interlopers endeavoring to obtain entrance and blocking such access utilizing the control station. Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions offers strong and solid answers for the precise discovery of such an unapproved section and insurance of advantages against these dangers. The organization’s turnkey arrangements can recognize any unapproved physical interruptions over the edge, survey the circumstance, and track interlopers for future activities. Highlights, for example, moment caution age and control by answering to focal observing station make it simpler to oversee such circumstances.

PIDS arrangements from Fiber Optic Sensing Solutions depend on Fiber Optic technology and distributed acoustic sensing. These can be fence mounted, covered underground, or can be customized for explicit necessities, in light of client prerequisites. Consistent reconciliation of PIDS with other security frameworks includes one more layer of solace for the client. This security framework is appropriate for army installations, government offices, petroleum treatment facilities, petrochemical plants, power plants, ocean ports, air terminals, VIP habitations, stockpiling yards, etc.