In a consumer-driven, tech-based world, there’s no shortage of startups trying to turn great ideas into money-making products — but actually succeeding is quite another matter. About 90% of new startups never make it off the ground, and 95% of new products struggle to find a market and end up failing.

Before taking on the risk and cost of developing and installing an idea on the field, there’s a crucial step that every business must first take. It’s called “proof of concept.”

We at fiber optic sensing solutions Mumbai always ensure in keeping our standards high as per the market demands. We believe in diligent working standards and high-quality product delivery. Even during COVID-19 outspread we never took a step back. Our through and thorough approach makes it a point to deliver the POC prior to the installation phase.

This time our technical team has successfully delivered the demo on Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System on November 202O in Lucknow. The demo was attended by Lucknow Prison officials, UP Police Officials, Demo to Jeweler Association of Lucknow. The main activities during this demo include the discussion of poaching intrusion detections and training on Safe-Fence to Engineers.

During this demo, our team has explained the complete working of FOPIDS, It’s advantages, application areas, and many more.

FOPIDS the Make In India product that provides advanced-level security is a third-party intrusion detection system. We at FOSS like keeping us up to date with the latest technological advancements going on in the industry.

We conclude that these days a single layer of security cannot reduce the risk of intrusions. For example, if we are protecting the perimeter with the help of CCTV cameras, it becomes a little cumbersome to take the action during the time of intrusion. Similarly, physical security cannot always protect large perimeters. Most of the security devices being visible in nature it is quite easy to hack them.  FOPIDS device comes with versatile properties. With easy underground and overground installations, it is free from being hacked in a straight forward manner.  It comes in 2 variants

  1. SafeFence- For smaller applications and smaller Perimeters
  2. SafeMAX – For Larger Perimeters

The system provides real-time monitoring. The perimeter can be divided into zones so that zone wise deployment can be done. The benefit behind zone wise application is if intrusion activity is taking place in a particular zone, zone wise alarm generates and even any of the zone gets damaged, the remaining zone will continue to work.

In their eagerness to get to market, many businesses rush through the POC process or skip it altogether. This is a big mistake. Taking the time and resources to develop a POC is an important part of the development process. This time our Lucknow visit purpose was to conduct the POC and to validate our Idea.

The objectives as we achieved are –

  • It saves money in the long run
  • It increases the chances of commercial success

As far as other projects are concerned we will be glad to conduct other POC’s as well. Do feel free to reach us and book a demo session with us.