Fiber Optic Sensing technology-based sensors are most prominent sensors now a day due to their various advantages. It has been 30 years now since the study of fiber optic sensors started and a huge variety of fiber optic sensors are developed and available in the market for several application sectors. 

A prominent fiber optic sensor are sensors based on Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) which in turn is based on bragg’s back reflection technique. The Bragg wavelength is very sensitive to variation in physical parameters surrounding the grating like Temperature, Strain, Pressure and many more, this property is used in several sensing applications in different industrial sectors where Non-invasive and passive sensing is a critical requirement.
In recent years, FBG based sensors become the most attractive intrinsic fiber sensor to sense temperature, Strain, pressure, etc. One of the major advantages of using FBG sensor is that its measurements are absolute, precise and it has the fastest response compared to other sensors.

In process industry, where the working conditions are quite critical like noisy electrical environment, high power supplies, electric motors and switching equipment located mostly in harsh environments. As the fiber has strong resistance FBG Sensors are most suited for temperature measurements in petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Temperature sensing using FBG Sensors is very useful in Steel Casting industry as well. At present, in many steel plants thermocouples are being used as sensing elements which are not easy to install and are prone to wear tear and also lack of robustness, whereas FBG sensors are robust, easily mountable, highly accurate, easy to install making it favourite to sensing industry. FBG based sensors are passive in nature, hence they can be used in areas with high voltage and explosive atmosphere. Also, they are highly immune to Electromagnetic interference making it safer from all dangerous options.
An interesting application of FBG comes where it can measure and recreate the shape of any material to which it is embedded. This Feature can be applied in many applications where even small shape deformations will affect the functionality or productivity.

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