In this modern era, Security is a major concern between people. Advancement in technology leads to an increase in our expectations as well.  The world is looking for options where real-time alerts can be generated by the system, highly durable, low maintenance, comes with battery backup, and so on.

To fulfil all these requirements we are bringing a Fiber Optic perimeter Intrusion detection System (FOPIDS) for securing homes. It comes with many advantages. Let’s bring light on top 3 reasons which make it best for providing security and surveillance.

1.  FOPIDS provides real-time monitoring and generate alarms whenever an intrusion is happening

The major role of the security system is to secure all the entry points including boundaries, walls, garden areas, etc.  Most of the people are securing their homes using the type of surveillance systems that shows the footage later and have a lower range which doesn’t help in obstructing the intrusion trials. Sometimes intruder does a pre-analysis of the target place and cuts down the cables of the surveillance system so that the event will not get recorded. The major advantage of using a fiber optic technology-based PIDS system is it gives real-time alerts whenever it detects any intrusion activity and the deployment of the system can be done in 2 ways underground and above the ground. Hence, in the case of underground deployment intruder can’t see the cable and cut it.

2. FOPIDS is safe for pets and other animals

The sensor used in FOPIDS is passive in nature due to which it is harmless for all living beings. The electricity is not required in the field which makes it resistant to EMI and RFI. There is no chance of getting hurt by electric shock.

3. It allows integration of cameras and GSM module

If you want to see live footage then the system can be integrated with camera and you will be able to catch the intruder during the time of intrusion. In case you are far away from the protected place and want to get notification on phone whenever any intrusion is happening you can integrate the system with GSM module and will receive the alerts in text messages.